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Coil Loading / Unloading

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The Coil Loading / Unloading System (e-CLS) is a system that automatically loading/unloading coils , slabs by automatic unmanned cranes, measures the three-dimensional shape of a vehicle stopped by a 3D scanner. It is a system that is necessary for automation unmanned crane.


- Through 3D scanner, the car loading boxes and coils are expressed in 3D shape.
- 3D data shape view function  .
- Find the car load size, slope, and position from the acquired 3D geometry.
- Find the exact coil position (dx, dy, dz) from the 3D shape when the coil is unloaded.
- Quickly and precisely calibrate using Auto Calibration function. .
- Automatic location through the coil parallelism algorithm. 
- Error handling for work and risk situations  
- HMI display.

Performance condition

- Position error within ± 50mm

  • System configuration
  • 3D Data View
  • Unloading vehicle3D Data View